Reviews Brilliance SF

  • Antonia
    Recently I tried the cream Brilliance SF. 4 after use, you could not see the results. The skin is tightened, the pigmentation disappeared, and left all the wrinkles. Always recommended.
    Brilliance SF
  • Jade
    I went to visit my aunt. When I go to bed, to go to the restroom, and saw a cream Brilliance SF. Asked the aunt, and acquired the same. A month later, it looked like the young.
    Brilliance SF
  • Claire
    I bought a cream Brilliance SF not for myself, but for my mother. He has long dreamed of getting rid of the wrinkles. The product is not fulfilled the dream. After 2 weeks gone, the wrinkles and tighten the skin.
    Brilliance SF
  • Holly
    I ordered a cream Brilliance SF since the recommendations of the beautician. This really helped get rid of pigmentation. I recommend to everyone!
    Brilliance SF
  • Kathleen
    Recently a friend recommended the cream Brilliance SFthat famous, since the effect. In general, I tested it myself. Indeed, the result is excellent.
    Brilliance SF
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